2019 Conference CFP

UPDATE: As a courtesy to our colleagues experiencing inclement weather in the Southeast region, Music Theory Southeast is extending our call for participation to Monday, December 17. 


MARCH 29-30, 2019

Yayoi Uno Everett (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Snodgrass (Appalachian State University)
Graduate Student Workshop Leader
“Music Theory Pedagogy in the 21st Century”

The program committee solicits proposals for presentations, special sessions, lecture-demonstrations, or panel discussions on any topic related to music theory, analysis, or music theory pedagogy. Proposals should be for 20-minute presentations or 60- or 90-minute special sessions. As part of the conference, graduate students are invited to apply for a workshop led by Dr. Jennifer Snodgrass.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59 PM EST, Monday, December 10, 2018.

UPDATED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59 PM EST, Monday, December 17, 2018.

Confirmation of proposals received will be made electronically upon their receipt. Authors will be notified electronically of the Program Committee’s decision by Monday, January 21, 2019.

SUBMISSION FORMAT: Proposals and abstracts should be sent via e-mail as .pdf attachments. Put all cover letter information in the body of your e-mail, and attach the proposal as a separate .pdf file. No other electronic format will be accepted. Please be sure that your name does not appear in the .pdf file, even as metadata. Individuals may submit no more than one proposal. Send submissions to the MTSE Secretary (John McKay) at mtseproposals@gmail.com with the subject line: “MTSE 2019 Proposal.” Include the following in your e-mail:

  1. A proposal of no more than 500 words, including any footnotes or endnotes. (Each mathematical equation may be counted as one word.) A maximum of four pages of supplementary materials (such as musical examples, diagrams, and selected bibliography) may be appended; these pages will not be counted within the 500-word limit, but captions should be brief, not appreciably augmenting either the word count or the proposal’s content.
  2. The proposal must include the title of the paper but exclude the author’s name and any other identifying information. References to the author’s own work must occur in the third person. Proposals for panel discussions or other special session formats should include individual proposals for each segment of the session, along with a separate session proposal (no more than 500 words) that explains the overall content and organization.
  3. A cover letter, written as the body of your e-mail, that includes the author’s name, paper title(s), institutional affiliation or city of residence, phone number(s), and e-mail address. (Special sessions or panel discussions should also include a list of all participants, along with their contact information.)

IRNA PRIORE PRIZE FOR GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH: The Society will present an award for the best student presentation at the 2019 meeting. To be eligible for consideration, interested students should identify themselves in the cover letter and, if their proposals are accepted, must submit a PDF of their complete paper to the Program Committee Chair (Peter Smucker) at psmucker@stetson.edu by Monday, March 25, 2019. Winners from previous years are ineligible.

GRADUATE STUDENT WORKSHOP: Students in music theory and related fields may submit, via e-mail, a 200-word statement detailing their interest the workshop. In addition, we ask that a faculty member at your own or another institution send the program chair a brief e-mail confirming your enrollment in a degree program in music theory (or related field) and vouching for your ability to work collegially and willingness to participate actively in the workshop. Please apply to attend the Graduate Student Workshop by March 1, by sending an email the Program Committee Chair (Peter Smucker) at psmucker@stetson.edu with the subject line “MTSE 2019 Workshop.”

Program Committee:

Peter Smucker, Chair (Stetson University)
Juan Chattah, MTSE President (University of Miami)
Jane Piper Clendinning (Florida State University)
Sarah Iker (University of Tampa)
John Peterson (James Madison University)
Alyssa Barna, 2018 Irna Priore Prize for Graduate Student Research (Eastman School of Music)
Joshua Tanis, 2018 Irna Priore Prize for Graduate Student Research (Florida State University)

Local Arrangements:

Cora Palfy (Elon University)

downloadable PDF


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